Ubuntu 22.04 Released

Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish was released on 21 April 2022 along with all of the official Ubuntu “flavors”. Here are some things that are new. For details just do a simple search with your favorite browser.

1. Wayland is now the default display server but Xorg is still installed. You can select it from the log in screen.

2. There is no longer a “mixed” appearance, the dark header and light controls. Only the light and dark are available.

3. You can finally drag and drop files and folders out of the file manager to the desktop and vice versa.

4. There are now horizontal rather than the vertical work-spaces.

5. Trash is now located on the dock rather than the desktop.

6. There is now a divider separating running apps from pinned ones on the dock.

7. The default accent color is now orange rather than the old purple. However there are 10 colors than can be used in lieu of the default orange.

8. You are now able to create password protected .zip files in Nautilus. Start the procedure by right clicking on the folder and choose compress.

9. Firefox will now be installed as a snap. It will be slow on the first start. The good news is that it will improve the next time you start it. The bad news is that it will also be slow from a cold start. They are apparently working on this.

10. There is a new screenshot tool which will allow an interactive screen snipping tool.

11. There is a proper dark mode for those of you that prefer it.

12. You will now have the option of showing the battery percentage on your panel.

13. There is now a prominent restart option.

14. Ships with Gnome 42

15. Ships with Linux Kernel 5.15

16. There is a new firewall back-end (nftables over iptables).

17. There is a new privacy panel in the settings app.

18. It is the first release to run well on the Raspberry Pi 4 2 GB model.

19. Super + Alt + Up Arrow will display active work-spaces as tabs at the top of the screen. Super + Alt + Down Arrow removes them.

20. The Software Center is now officially SNAPS. However you can still install a Deb packages using Apt or Synaptic.

The ISOs can be downloaded at https://ubuntu.com/#download.

Happy Ubuntu ing

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