New Linux User Group

A group of Linux users in the Northwest Phoenix metropolitan area have banned together to form a new Linux User Group, the Northwest Phoenix Pi and Linux User Group, NPPL. After a meeting of organizers that occurred last week, it was decided to hold two events each month. The first event which will occur on 14 March, 1200-1500, at the Foothills Recreation and Aquatic Center, 5600 W. Union Hills Dr. in Glendale AZ will be an organizational meeting to determine what the group wants to do and where they want to meet. Currently, the group anticipates two events per month on the 2nd and last Saturdays. The first, at the above address, will be an Installation Festival/Linux Workshop co-sponsored with the AZLOCO Team and the second at a location to be named later will be more of a social event where Linux users can meet other Linux users in a more casual atmosphere. The Point of Contact for additional information will be Rudy,

Words For The Taking

Hello Everybody,

I missed the blessing of IRC chats. Yep, I have been MIA but stayed in a Ubuntu state of mind. Most of my efforts is taking the culture of open source.

I took some much deserved pride in posting my PGP key in launchpad. I know, for there are people that has long past there teething and it might not mean that much anymore. This was my first solo attempt to do discover the complexities of Ubuntu. Gotta be honest here, most of my motivation is bragging rights. I love to get underneath the hood of an O/S. Ubuntu has been my greatest frustation but my greatest accomplishment. I think it’s part of the indoctrination. I lost about 3 days of sleep and a lot of google and you tube. On the 3rd day, it suddenly clicked and it didn’t get it from just once.

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