Ubuntu 20.04.1 Released

Ubuntu 20.04.1 was released on 31 July 2020, a scant 7 days after it was originally scheduled. It is now available for download at https://ubuntu.com/#download. There are also links to any of the Ubuntu “flavors” on that page. If you already have 20.04 installed on your computer, it will automatically become 20.04.1 during your daily (or weekly) updates. The same is true of any of the “flavors.” One reason why this release is important is that now you may see an upgrade option from 18.04 to 20.04. This appears right around the time of the first point release of a new version. Happy Ubuntu-ing.

Ubuntu 20.04 Released

Ubuntu 20.04, Focal Fossa, was released on 23 April. It is available for download at https://ubuntu.com/#download. The other seven Ubuntu “flavors” can also be downloaded from links on that page. If you plan to upgrade instead of doing a fresh install, it is recommended that you wait until the first point release of the version which is expected some time in July of this year. Otherwise, download and install away. Happy Ubuntu-ing.

COVID-19 Update (17-March)

We have been informed that our primary Phoenix-area venue (UAT) has suspending all gatherings until April at the earliest. Since we now lack a meeting location, and due to increasing pressure to practice “social distancing”, our events will be virtual until further notice.

The Calendar Page will always reflect the current meeting info. Please check that page for dates and times.

We will be hosting the events on our Big Blue Button server (https://bbb.azloco.net). At the designated meeting time, please visit that page and select a username. You must be using a modern browser to connect. If you have difficulty connecting, please contact us on Freenode.

If the BBB system is unable to handle the demand, we have established a Zoom Meeting room. We will enable this room only necessary.

We hope to see you there.