Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #90

Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #90 for the week April 13, April 19.

* Arizona Loco Newsletter
* Eighty Ninth Edition
* Powered by Ubuntu
* Wednesday-April 22, 2009
* Arizona Loco Team Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam

* Next meeting: Sunday April 26, 2009 9:00 PM
* Server: Freenode: IRC Channel #ubuntu-us-az

In this Issue

* Introduction of new team member, jurelex
* Three announcements: Ubuntu 9.04 Release candidate is out; RC for ARM is also out; the next Packaging Training session, April 23 at 00:00 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom.
* johnc4510 has ordered a bulk shipment of disks from ShipIt, and gotten confirmation of the order.
* PLUG announcements from Hans.

Read the whole thing at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Newsletters/09April22

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