trying to run my own linux server at home

domain from godaddy
forward to zoneedit ( this part if not working)
webserver is up and running (confermed)

advice? cant get godaddy to forward to zone edit. nameservers are in place but forwarding is not. only because I dont know what to put in the forwarding field. been looing at this for days. this is why IT people get paid so much.


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  • forward
    I am using dynbns di you get youe fixed? had I noticed I could have asked at the installfest today but you could always ask next week atha the event. or check in the IRC for faster helpTodd

  • Solved?
    Set up an account with DynDNS then in your GoDaddy dashboard forward your domain to the DynDNS address you set up earlier and add :8080 so you can get past Cox’s blocked 80. Open port 8080 on your firewall and forward it to your webserver. You can have Apache listen on 8080 or stick with 80 but make sure your firewall forwards to the port Apache is listrening on. That’s it in a nutshell.

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