Adding a Second Keyboard Layout to Lubuntu

How to add a second keyboard layout to Lubuntu.

If you right click the little flag or two letter county code on the right side of the LXPanel, you will get a menu. Choose “Keyboard Layout Handler” settings. On the right side of the window that just came up, navigate to “Keep system layouts” under “Advanced setxkbmap Options” and uncheck it. The “Keyboard Layouts” section of the window will become editable after that. Choose “+ Add” and a list of keyboard layouts will become visible. Choose the one that you want. It will appear under your default layout. Before you close the window, you must re-check “Keep system layouts”.
You have to have the language pack installed for the language that you just added. You do that by going to Menu->Preferences->Language Support. Choose Install/Remove Languages. Select your language and then Apply Changes. You do have to reboot for the changes to take effect and the download and installation of some languages may take a while.

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  • Adding a second keyboard
    Adding a second keyboard layout is now easier than ever since the release of Lubuntu 14.10. Right click the two letter county code that is found on the right side of the LXPanel and choose Preferences. Navigate to Input method. Then choose Add. Select the keyboard layout that you want, such as German (DE). Once again you must have the language pack installed. Close the window and now you should be able to toggle the country code between US and DE which will give you the keyboard layouts for USA and Germany.

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