Proposed Activity and reorganization

These are proposed and are awaiting comments.

Recurring Events (AZLOCO)

1. Sunday evening team meeting (on line) – TL or Deputy TL
2. Install Fest (Tempe) – toddc
3. Ubuntu Hour (Phoenix) – jkup
4. Ubuntu Hour (Sierra Vista) – MajB
5. Ubuntu Hour (Surprise) – programmer317
6. Ubuntu Hour (Tempe) – toddc
7. Ubuntu Linux Workshop (Tucson) – NeoNetNinja

Required Recurring Actions (AZLOCO)

1. Team web site (keep updated)
2. Team wiki page (keep updated)
3. Team portal page (keep updated)
4. Team calendar (keep updated)
5. Monthly team report
6. Team server
7. Create weekly news list
8. Create weekly jobs list
9. Monthly updates from AZ LUGs
10. Maintain current e-mail addresses
11. Publish weekly e-newsletter
12. Blogs (maintain)

Event After Action Report

1. Event:
2. Date & Time:
3. Number of attendees:
4. Activity:

Please feel free to add, subtract ot comment on the lists. It is merely the first crack at trying re-organized a few things.

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