Orange Ubuntu Pens

At a recent Tempe Ubuntu Hour, there was a discussion about the orange Ubuntu Pens and their left twist to open.

As some of you may have noticed, there have been orange Ubuntu ball point pens circulating at Ubuntu Hours and Installation Festivals. They are swag that have been passed out to advertise the Ubuntu Operating System. I received several well over a year ago and noticed that they could not be opened with the simple right twist that we as ball point pen users have grown accustomed to. To open them you had to do a left twist to be able to write with them. This anomaly was apparently brought up at the Tempe Ubuntu Hour hosted by pavlos on the 4th of February. I of course was not privy to all of the conversation, since I was not in attendance, but was informed that since I did not report the “bug” the pens (which were probably prototype models) went to mass production with the bug. Various theories were discussed about why the pens opened with a left twist instead of a right twist at the Ubuntu Hour. One of them was that the pens were produced that way to promote Copyleft (which is probably an inane idea.) The work around my fellow Ubuntu-ites is simply do the left twist and use the pens as you would a right twist pen and forget about all the garbage.

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