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I have 10 Proxmox servers to maintain all are basically the same, AMD FX 8350 CPU and asus motherboards with several more servers coming soon. FX 8350’s are known to run hot and stock coolers weak per web searches. AMD just released a new wraith Cooler to help this issue. Time to figure out if there is a issue and how to fix it if there is a problem.

Testing (this should work on any debian based system)
install these
sudo apt-get install lm-sensors (a program to check system sensors including temp)

sudo apt-get install stress (a program to load the cpu and make it work hard)

run these
sudo sensors-detect (keep hitting enter to activate all sensors)
sudo service kmod start (records sensor outputs)
sudo watch -n 1 sensors (updates sensor readings every second)
watch cpu and fan temps

open a second terminal
sudo stress-ng –cpu 8 –io 4 –vm 2 –vm-bytes 128M –fork 4 –timeout 10m
( this will run all 8 CPU’s at full load for 10 minutes)

record idle cpu temps and fan speed if you want to see how hard the fan is working
record the loaded max cpu temps and fan speeds
below is my first tests and I will add as I get more info I use NT-H1 thermal paste
and or stock if already on a cooler

FX 8350 server 1
stock cooler +59.0c loaded +28.0c idle
Deepbluegamaxx400cooler +51.3c loaded +36.0c idle

FX8350 server 2
wraith AMD upgraded cooler +65.0c loaded +30.0c idle

FX8350 server 5

LOGISYS Computer BETA 400 ST +61.0c loaded +29.0c idle

Deepbluegamaxx400cooler cheap great reviews BIG and will not fit many installs
4 heat tubes 120MM fan included brackets for 2nd fan rated for 130w est 25.00

LOGISYS Computer BETA 400 ST AC4400BT 92mm Hydro Bearing AMD CPU Cooler
same size as stock 4 heat tubes rated for 95w est 20.00

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