MIcrosoft For Free?!

I was perusing the news last night and came to the story that their is a rumor that Microsoft might produce a “free” O/S. Of course Microsoft is silent at this point but it is a very intriguing idea to say the least.

Quite frankly, I never understood the rivalry between Microsoft and Linux. Some take a very mature opinions while others will go out of the way to add fuel to the fire.

My decision to use Ubuntu was based partially on the financial side, performance and security of Ubuntu. What of the people that are not technically or financially gifted? Who speak for them? I truly hope Microsoft can produce such a product. With the share of XP installations at about 25 percent and this O/S is on it’s last lap, Who is really going to abandon a perfectly healthy computer to invest in one just to upgrade the O/S Lean times call for lean measures so purchasing one may be too steep.

My only stumbling block with Ubuntu is the forum support. I understand we have lives to conduct so it makes it difficult to answer every request. It is also hard to follow thread if you are troubleshooting. When you are not in front of the machine, diagnostics is a bit tricky.To fair with both sides of the fence, I chose self education because I would not be a burden to the community and I would get my answers that much faster. I think you have to respect a person’s time and even if they are at rest, their time carries a value

For all of these reasons, I believe in a cooperative effort between the Linux and Microsoft communities. The free version could steer audience to either side depending on their needs and be compatible with each side.

Wake up, grab yourself some coffee and lets have a discussion.

Oh the waiting!

12.04 has served me well and very soon the new LTS arrives. I am not brave enough for the beta release but it has been said it is far more quicker than 13.10. The sad news is that Mir (replacement for X11) will be not standard in Trusty but it will be in the repos if you wish to give it a spin. I decided to further the cause of ubuntu by introducing a set of videos from my You Tube friend. “jthelinuxguy” has given his blessing to share these.

Linux for Beginners is a great primer to the command line interface. There is other subjects are covered that might be just as interesting. Enough for now and my welcome to our new members.

lazy man’s legacy

Wow, it has been a year since my last blog and it just prove how bad I am for keeping up with currents. I now have 12.10 and abandoned Win 7. Yes Google is my friend and also decided to get “Ubuntu Made Easy” and “How Linux Works.” I would love to praise Ubuntu Forums however it’s difficult to get support. I have resigned myself to reading and lots of search on the internet. A lot of time the answer is there because these issues are pretty common as well as the fix. Setting up accounts today and irc channels.

So far 12.10 has been smooth sailing for the most part. As with all bleeding edge software, you are going to have the ticks. There are only two I am wrestling with. I have an Asus N15 WiFi card and has a Realtek rtl8188ce chipset. I have a cable connection that is capable of 20 Mbps. The card will run at that speed and ramdomly throttle down to 2 Mbps. A restart is required to reset it.

As a random thought, I have PCI Modems, PCI NIC, AGP cards and a PCI-E Wireless card for the taking. It’s not a lot but if anyone is out in the west valley wants to pick them up. I don’t have any computers I would use these parts on and they might benefit someone else. Send me a email if you wish me to hold them until you can pick them up.

Back to what I was saying. Nautilus tends to create an internal error and the application requires a restart. It’s not a deal breaker, just annoying. That is my news and hope to see all of you on the 9th