SSH Script For Shell account

This script has been asked of me several times. It is a quick little script to have on your computer to assist in logging into your existing shell account on our server. Just place the following text into a file. Be sure to make the file executable and have the file in your path so you can just type its name into a terminal and have it run.

1. Open terminal (Applications < Accessories < Terminal) 2. Type "mkdir bin" this will create a folder called bin in your home directory. It is supposed to be included in your executable path if it exists. 3. Type "cd bin" 4. Type "vim ubuntuaz" 5. Type "i" for input mode 6. Copy and paste text below by highlighting and using right clicks to select copy and paste #!/bin/sh clear echo "Username on Ubuntuaz: " read user_name ssh $ 7. Hit Esc button 8. Hit buttons "Shift + zz" to save and exit 9. Type "chmod 700 ubuntuaz" to make your new file executable Read more