AZLOCO IRC Channel Change

AZLOCO has moved its IRC channel, #ubuntu-us-az, from to This has already been accomplished. We will continue to monitor the old channel for a while to assist individuals in migrating to the new channel. The procedure to visit channels that are restricted to registered nicknames remains the same. You need to send a message to Nick Service from the Nick that you want to register. It would look like this: /msg NickServ REGISTER (password) (your email address) Of course you replace (password) with your password and (your email address) with your email address omitting the ( ). This will enable you to enter and carry on a conversation in those channels that are limited to registered nicknames only. It is anticipated that #ubuntu-us-az will convert to that status.

If you had a Ubuntu cloak in freenode,it is not transferable to libera. You must reapply. To obtain a Ubuntu cloak you must first be a Ubuntu member. You must also ensure that your Launchpad profile page contains your new nick from Libera: (your nick) on Then all you have to do is join #ubuntu-irc and ask for a Ubuntu cloak. You must also include a link to your Launchpad profile.

If you are not a Ubuntu member and want a Libera cloak, register your Nick and send this message: /join #libera-cloak and type !cloakme

Our Sunday meetings will be conducted on our new channel beginning with the 06 June 2021 meeting.

COVID-19 Update (17-March)

We have been informed that our primary Phoenix-area venue (UAT) has suspending all gatherings until April at the earliest. Since we now lack a meeting location, and due to increasing pressure to practice “social distancing”, our events will be virtual until further notice.

The Calendar Page will always reflect the current meeting info. Please check that page for dates and times.

We will be hosting the events on our Big Blue Button server ( At the designated meeting time, please visit that page and select a username. You must be using a modern browser to connect. If you have difficulty connecting, please contact us on Freenode.

If the BBB system is unable to handle the demand, we have established a Zoom Meeting room. We will enable this room only necessary.

We hope to see you there.


Occasionally we forget one of the missions in our charter, to spread the use of Ubuntu throughout our state. There are only ten members of the Arizona Team in Sierra Vista. However, they are all also members of the Cochise Linux User Group which currently boasts a membership of nearly 40. Back in August of 2019 members of both organizations contacted the Warrior Healing Center in Sierra Vista with a request to use one of their three conference rooms for installation festivals and local presentations on various Linux and FOSS topics in exchange for establishing a computer lab for them that would be used by veterans and their family members who do not have access to a computer. These computers would have a Linux Operating systems installed on them.

The Warrior Healing Center is the only organization of its kind and was started in part to reduce and eventually eliminate the 22 veteran suicides every day mainly due to the stress of combat in our country’s service. It provides a one stop shop for veterans and their family members for assistance in finding employment opportunities, temporary lodging, emergency food supplies, counseling, help for physical and mental problems, service dog training, guides to wade through the enormous bureaucracy known as the Veterans Administration, and many other services. There are over 40 organizations connected with the Center and their representatives are housed in Warrior Healing Center building in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Veterans helping veterans.

Four desktop computers, complete with monitors, keyboards, and mice, were donated by members of AZLOCO and CLUG. Ubuntu 18.04 was installed on three of them and Xubuntu 18.04 was installed on the fourth. (See photos of the computers on our wiki page: CAT5 cable was run into the room where the lab was to be created to allow for wired internet access. These computers are maintained and updated by members of both organizations. As a result of this action, several other installs have been conducted on personal computers belonging to the veterans and their dependents who attend activities at the Center. In addition, several one on one sessions have been held to instruct individuals on the Ubuntu Operating System with excellent results. We have assisted in the installation of Ubuntu on the eight computers in their Operations Center that are used to track the open cases of veteran requests and to produce plans for future operations and activities.