AZLOCO IRC Channel Change

AZLOCO has moved its IRC channel, #ubuntu-us-az, from to This has already been accomplished. We will continue to monitor the old channel for a while to assist individuals in migrating to the new channel. The procedure to visit channels that are restricted to registered nicknames remains the same. You need to send a message to Nick Service from the Nick that you want to register. It would look like this: /msg NickServ REGISTER (password) (your email address) Of course you replace (password) with your password and (your email address) with your email address omitting the ( ). This will enable you to enter and carry on a conversation in those channels that are limited to registered nicknames only. It is anticipated that #ubuntu-us-az will convert to that status.

If you had a Ubuntu cloak in freenode,it is not transferable to libera. You must reapply. To obtain a Ubuntu cloak you must first be a Ubuntu member. You must also ensure that your Launchpad profile page contains your new nick from Libera: (your nick) on Then all you have to do is join #ubuntu-irc and ask for a Ubuntu cloak. You must also include a link to your Launchpad profile.

If you are not a Ubuntu member and want a Libera cloak, register your Nick and send this message: /join #libera-cloak and type !cloakme

Our Sunday meetings will be conducted on our new channel beginning with the 06 June 2021 meeting.

Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute Hippo Released

Ubuntu 21.04 was released on 22 April 2021 with a load of new features. Wayland is now default. Your home folder is now private by default. There is a recovery key for encrypted installs and it comes with the Linux 5.11 kernel and Python 3.9. You can download it There are also links to the Ubuntu flavors on that page. Remember that Hirsute Hippo is only supported for 9 months (January 2021) so if you are looking for a LTS release either stick with 20.04 or wait for the release of Ubuntu 22.04 (April 2022). By the way the release date for the next Ubuntu version (Ubuntu 21.10, Impish Indri) is 14 October 2021.


I was introduced to a multi-boot device back on 10 January 2015 by a post made on this website by gauchocollie. It was MultiSystem I have used it since then on several USB flash drives at our installfests in Tempe and Sierra Vista. An AZLOCO and CLUG member and I were talking recently and he asked me if I had tried Ventoy I tried it and it is easier to use and update than MultiSys. The features are listed on their website.

Just download the latest version, extract it, open a terminal, and follow the instructions on the document page. It is free and open source software and will work on Linux and Microsoft. Plus 90% of the distros on DistroWatch are supported. That is over 580 ISOs. If you are tired of carrying around multiple flash drives try this. You may find it useful.