Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #102

Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #102 for the week July 27, August 2.

* Arizona Loco Newsletter
* One Hundredth Second Edition
* Powered by Ubuntu
* Wednesday-August 5, 2009
* Arizona Loco Team Wiki: [“ArizonaTeam”]

* Next meeting: Sunday August 9, 2009 9:00 PM
* Server: Freenode: IRC Channel #ubuntu-us-az

In this issue

New member flakeparadigm introduced himself. The Team welcomed flakeparadigm aboard.

johnc4510 , then gave some announcements:

* Canonical announced Canonical’s Desktop Support Services: including three offerings: Starter, Advanced and Professional. https://shop.canonical.com/

* Free Books For Approved LoCo Teams: Official Ubuntu Book, and Official Ubuntu Server Book. johnc4510 has already sent our request for our copies and is awaiting conformation on the order.

johnc4510 then gave a report from lenards on the venue for the installfest. johnc4510 also asked tyche about the “fill-in-the-blanks” flier, which is available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/22090195@N03/3702697843/

johnc4510 then asked xHans for the PLUG announcements:

* Devel meeting is this Thursday. http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/559

* Hackfest security mtg is this Saturday. http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/659

* The official press release annoucing ABLEconf 2009 Phoenix went out last week. http://www.ABLEconf.com/press_releases/2009Jul29.html

* Our call for presentations should go out in the next couple of weeks.

* Free Software Stammtisch in Prescott is next week, bring pillows and diapers for slofgren 🙂 [Ed Note: slofgren just became the proud father of a baby girl.]

Read the whole thing at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Newsletters/09August5

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